Dynamix Industrial Mixers & Agitators

Dynamix Agitators engineers and manufactures industrial mixers for chemical markets worldwide.
Dynamix Agitators incorporates over 40 years of industrial mixing experience into its industrial mixer models and chemical mixer solutions. Our chemical mixer and agitators are configured to suit your needs. Please refer to our Products page for our full line of industrial chemical agitators or proceed directly to our Mixer Inquiry Page if you would like to jump to our mixer engineering process.
We strive to understand your product and process needs so that we can custom engineer a chemical mixer accordingly. Our understanding of your chemical product & industrial process ensures that your mixer will become part of a solution and a core capability in your industrial process. This relationship with our industrial clients allows us to extend our unique solution assurance on many of our products.


Dynamix offers a full line of industrial size mixers to suit your fluid process. These industrial size mixers range in power from 1/4hp to 500hp and can be applied to industrial tank sizes ranging from 45 – 100, 000 Gallons. Different tank volumes and different fluid properties require different industrial fluid mixers.

Dynamix MMX Series

MMX Tank Mixer

The MMX 1000 Series mixer is primarily a Drum Mixer or Barrel Mixer. For light duty or small tank applications we also offer the MMX 2000 Series mixer. The MMX 2000 Series offers economy in larger applications. The MMX line is largely focused on small volume 45, 50 or 55 Gallon Drum Mixer applications. Also known as a Barrel Mixer this line of mixers can be adapted to larger applications when light duty or economical solutions are required. Barrel Mixers and 45 – 55 Gallon Drum Mixers are our smaller mixer line, but Dynamix has applied the same level of design innovation in order to adapt to your barrel or drum.
Unique to this series is the Universal Drum Mount (UDM). This mount improves mixing in closed head drums (2"NPT Bung) and uniquely mounts to open head drums as well. This innovation earns the title “Universal”.

Dynamix ITM Series Mixers

The Integrated Tote Mixer (ITM) line of mixers is the result of years of designing mixers for unique tote applications. Originally, the ITM evolved as a result of a need for a paint mixer in the automotive paint market. This paint agitator needed to address the unique demands of paint mixing in a stainless steel Tote. Soon, industries outside the paint mixer market began to benefit from mixing totes with the ITM design.
The challenges facing Paint Mixers are the same for many other industries; providing uniformity. Because of the success of the ITM it has evolved from being a mixer for Stainless Steel Totes to a mixer for Plastic totes as well.

Dynamix DMX Series Mixers

DMX Industrial Mixer

The DMX line of industrial agitators is our most widely applied line of mixers. This is a true industrial agitator, which can be configured to suit your most challenging applications. Your investment in a mixer is largely defined by the the duty or service factor of the unit. The DMX series not only offers some of the highest service factors, but also embodies them with a market leading gearbox at its core.

Dynamix GMX Series Mixers

Industrial Agitators are what our company is known for. The GMX series of mixers is designed to handle all of your large tank mixing needs in an economical configuration, without sacrificing durability or efficiency.
Process and Storage Tanks require industrial agitators of varying levels of “duty”. The GMX Model can be used as an industrial agitator in many large tanks, but typical configurations offer a unique economical solution to large tank mixing.

Optimized Mixing

Impeller selection is the starting point of any mixer configuration. Starting with the right impeller means your mixer will work in balance and provide quality mixing. Issues such as uniformity, area of influence, shear, solid suspension, and many others are addressed by the impeller selection.

Dynamix Impeller Options