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Our Joint global operations provide customers with an enhanced range of products, technologies, and services unmatched in the processing industries. Few other liquid/ solid separation technology suppliers can offer such a broad range of equipment and processes for industrial and environmental applications: vacuum and pressure filtration, mineral flotation, clarification, classification, and thickening equipment, along with OEM quality replacement parts, modernization services and other after sale services. Our products and services meet the needs of many industries, such as metal and ore processing, pulp and paper production, the energy sector, the chemical, petrochemical and food processing industries, as well as various other segments. The breadth of our product lines and technical expertise provide us with incomparable flexibility to design solutions that are perfectly suited to the specific needs of each customer.
"FLSmidth offers a wide selection of products that can be applied to the various phases of mining and ore processing activities such as underground mining operations, metal and ore processing, and treatment of mine wastes. In addition, our products handle all types of products including base metals, precious metals and minerals, and impact most stages of the process flowsheet.

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Our Customers Gain Total Capability

Serving chemicals, minerals, food, pulp and paper processing; environmental control; underground mining and related industries, we offer more than a century's experience in providing economic solutions to process problems involving the technology of solids/liquids dynamics and to the handling of ores in underground mines.
Using its complete in-house design, development, engineering and manufacturing facilities, FLSmidth provides complete capability from its integrated operations. Manufacturing facilities and systems at FLSmidth are designed explicitly to ensure quality control and standards monitoring, thus providing clients with on-time, on-budget delivery of products and systems which completely meet customer specifications.
All of our customers are assured that the world-wide expertise of our company is available through our operations center.

Marketing and Design

The FLSmidth marketing team seeks constantly to investigate the problems and to meet the unusual needs of its specific customer/clients. Our people work regularly with engineering, production and financial management counterparts throughout the pulp and paper, underground mining, environmental and minerals processing industries. Our design teams too are at are at work to provide custom-developed systems and equipment aimed at solving specific production, materials flow and other technical management problems.


From feasibility and concept to engineered reality, our team of professionals, skilled in more than a dozen engineering disciplines, prepares the way for manufacturing. Our custom designed solutions to customer problems are detailed in full by our engineering teams. At all stages, full client awareness of the work in progress is guaranteed.


Our multi-capability machine shop is equipped to handle all of our machining requirements. Digital and numerical control of milling, boring, planning, drilling and other metal-removal processes assure close tolerance work on individual pieces ranging up to 6.7 metres in diameter. Other metal fabricating equipment such as press brakes, drills, shears and punches as well as flame cutting apparatus complete the list of major tools at FLSmidth.