Real Tech Inc. - Shining Light On Water Quality

Our vision is to make water quality monitoring more practical, reliable and affordable, resulting in improved access to water quality monitoring around the world.
Founded in 2004, Real Tech's primary goal is to improve global water quality through the development of an innovative product line of both portable and real time continuous water quality analysers, helping our clients take control and know what is in their water.
OUR TECHNOLOGIES provide an innovative approach to the inherent challenges with using light for water quality analysis (spectrophotometry) in the most simple and effective manner, creating a new generation of water quality monitoring devices.
OUR PRODUCT SOLUTIONS provide for the rapid and accurate detection of many common and emerging contaminants in water, such as organics and nitrates, while maintaining incredible ease of use and affordability for our clients.
OUR RECOGNITIONS continue to grow as we do and we are so grateful. Real Tech has been the honoured recipient of numerous awards including Deloitte's Technology Green 15 award which recognizes Canada's leading Green Tech companies, for the past four consecutive years.


Practical, accurate and affordable. From wastewater to high purity water, we have a monitoring solution that's right for you.
Real Tech Inc. prides itself on developing innovative technologies and product solutions that meet the growing needs of today's water and wastewater treatment professional.

Real Spectrum Series:
Our Spectrum series provides real time analysis across the entire spectrum of UV and/or visible light, allowing for the rapid detection of many common and emerging contaminants. Our Spectrum series analysers utilize our exclusive Split-Sense Pro technology to provide many strong competitive advantages, including superior performance, ease of use and cost effectiveness, making continuous spectroscopy analysis much more practical and attainable.

Real UV254 'M' Series (Continuous Monitors):
The Real UV254 'M' series provides several options for measuring the UV254 organic test parameter, also known as Spectral Absorption Coefficient (SAC), continuously in real time within any water condition. Utilizing our innovative Ortho-Beam and our Split-Sense Pro technologies, the 'M' series offers invaluable benefits for many applications within the water and wastewater industry where immediate detection of organics is required in an affordable, low maintenance and no non-sense solution.

Real UV254 'P' Series (Portable Meters):
Our 'P' series provides the most comprehensive and competitive UV254 organic testing portable field meter solutions in the world. With our patented Split-Sense technology, our 'P' series meters are built to withstand the harsh conditions of the field while providing incredible ease of use and accuracy, adding value to any water analysis lab.

Optional/Accessory Products:
There are many optional products and accessories which can be added to Real Tech's various product solutions to further enhance performance, ease of use and reduce maintenance. These optional products include our Dual Feed system which allows two sample water lines to be connected to one real-time analyser, our Real Clean automatic chemical cleaning system, our Pump System for non-pressurized installations, and various software analysis packages. Our optional products are designed to make your water quality analysis even simpler.