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FLSmidth is a leading supplier of high performance liquid/solid separation equipment and process systems. One of these leading technologies is our Dorr-Oliver Eimco (DOE) pump product line which helps our customers transport liquid/solid slurries to their desired destination.
FLSmidth traces its history in pump manufacturing to 1915, when Edward L. Oliver developed a line of centrifugal pumps to support the filter business. Some of the original Dorrco™ pumps are still in operation today! FLSmidth continues to specialize in pumps that are rugged and durable, handling heavy slurries, extremely corrosive or abrasive materials, and can solve your specific pumping challenges in a unique way. Our dedicated pump production team manufactures FLSmidth's DOE pumps to precise specifications and tolerances to meet your stringent requirements.

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FLSmidth's Dorr-Oliver Eimco pumps are widely implemented in a variety of industries including:

  • Water & Wastewater Treatment - sludge transfer handling, chemical feed, and transport of aqueous solutions containing a high percentage of impurities.
  • Pulp & Paper - The DOE Gorator® unit is used to de-fiberize broke, reduce knot rejects to fiber, and break up black liquor clumps.
  • Mineral Processing - thickener underflow and transport of most basic metals and mineral slurries.
  • Chemical Processing - transport of acids, alkalies, chlorine compounds, and a variety of other difficult to handle, severely corrosive, and abrasive materials.
  • Food Processing - movement of a variety of food products from coffee grounds to corn fiber.
  • General Industries - FLSmidth's Dorr-Oliver Eimco pumps transport a variety of products and slurries which include plating solutions, foundry sands, pickle liquors, scrubber system sludges, dipping compounds and flocculates among numerous other applications.

The Gorator® Pump

Disintegrate, macerate, shred and pump
The Gorator® Pump sizes, reduces, disperses, separates, delumps, grinds, chops, macerates and even pumps. Working on a simple inclined rotor principle, the Gorator® pump is self-cleaning, non-clog, and operates trouble-free under the most difficult conditions.
An impeller, taking the form of a flat plate, is mounted at an oblique angle on the end of the pump shaft. Rotation of the impeller produces a centrifugal action which pumps the material and discharges it radially through the outlet. Notched teeth are located in peripheral stator bars to chop the material during passage through the pump.

Principal Benefits
The Gorator® pump accomplishes three distinct functions in one unit, saving on equipment costs. Higher shear performance gives more intense dispersion than with conventional machines. The casing is made to open quickly so that it is easy to inspect, clean and to remove tramp materials. The Gorator® Pump is constructed for heavy-duty applications providing for a long service life.

The Gorator® Pump can be adapted to meet a wide variety of needs in an ever-increasing number of industries. It is easily fitted to meet individual reducing needs by spacing the liner bars to exactly the position required for various size particulates.
Wood chips, synthetic fibers, rags, rugs, plastics, raw sludges, slurries, slaughter-house residue, high-viscosity materials, chemical residue, industrial waste and debris are but a few of the materials being successfully handled by the Gorator®.
Applications serving the wastewater industry for more than thirty years have proven this rugged machine. Material is reduced to a slurry so that material handling of solids, and process equipment clogging, is eliminated.

The ODS® Air-Operated Diaphragm Pump

Pulse transfer thickening
This air-operated diaphragm pump is superior to centrifugal and helical screw pumps for heavy-duty applications and better than mechanically or hydraulically operated pumps due to its simplicity of control and evenly distributed power transmission.

Principal benefits
Designed and built for long-term, year-in-year out, heavy-duty performance, the ODS® Pump delivers more process efficiency requiring minimal maintenance. It lasts longer and pumps slurries no other pump can handle.

  • The ODS® Pump can be automated to match capacity to process requirements for maximum process efficiency.
  • It's unique construction allows the pump to be operated dry, indefinitely. It cannot air bind and has no stator to burn out.
  • There are no seals, so contamination of process slurry or the environment from seal leaks is not possible.
  • Pump capacity and discharge pressure can be adjusted during operation for maximum flexibility.
  • Rhythmic plunger-type action minimizes particle degradation of even the most delicate materials.

The ODS® pump can handle tough corrosives, abrasives and highly concentrated or unusually viscous slurries, extremely volatile slurries and delicate and unstable slurries. Temperature range is up to 200°F and solids content of slurries can be up to 75%. Flow ranges from 0.5 gpm to 180 gpm.
User experience shows the ODS® Pump can be used in a variety of applications including chemical processing, wastewater treatment, general manufacturing, minerals processing and food processing. Combined with ODS® Pump automatic controls, operators can automatically or remotely adjust air, stoke rate, and pump sequencing, and monitor moisture amounts.
Choose from several check valves and components to suit your particular application. The ODS® Pump is available in three basic models and five sizes.

Dorrco™ Diaphragm Pump

Positive displacement pumps
Dorrco™positive displacement double diaphragm pumps are constructed of extra heavy-duty materials for tough, long-lasting service in extreme environments. These pumps can be installed at liquid level in thickener applications to prevent flooding or start-up problems. The pump operates with a smooth action, which prevents agitation and keeps the slurry from degrading during transport. Dorrco pumps come in two series: Type W and VM.

Principal benefits
The Dorrco pump enjoys many advantages over centrifugal pumps used in heavy-duty service. Because drive motion is at right angles to the diaphragm to have a greater life. Anti-friction ball bearings also provide for a smooth pumping action which reduces friction and wear on moving parts. The Dorrco pump utilizes standard horizontal electric motors for lower power consumption. A stroke adjustment handwheel allows for easy adjustment of stroke length to vary discharge rate while the pump is operating. All components of the pump are above ground and easily accessed for maintenance.

Dorrco Pumps have been used successfully in metallurgical processes for over sixty years. The pump can be used with thickener and clarifier underflow, pulp mill liquors, slurries with heavy solids content, abrasive and corrosive alkaline or acid slurries. Flow ranges from 9 gpm (2 M3/H) to 00 gpm (136M3/H) with multiple models are available for application selection. Protective rubber lining is also available for acidic/ alkaline conditions.

Olivite™ Centrifugal Pumps

Handle Corrosive and Abrasive Solids
Olivite™ centrifugal pumps are constructed of heavy metal, and are lined with 1/4-inch highly corrosion and abrasion-resistant liner materials (Kynar® impeller or liner). Olivite pumps are available in direct drive or V-belt design. With the ability to handle corrosive and abrasive solids, Olivite pumps are the superior solution for handling acids, alkalies and slurries.

Olivite™ OB-1 Pumps:
Principal Benefits
The Olivite OB-1 pump can be operated under severe high temperature and high pressure conditions due to its proven design of lightweight Kynar impeller reinforced with fine glass or carbon. Can reach maximum temperatures of 250°F using Kynar lining, unless restricted by the compound being pumped. The heavy-duty construction ensures that shape is retained, while it's low weight and highly efficient vane geometry reduces shaft deflection, resulting in longer bearing life and improved pump performance.
The pump is commonly used with acid, alkalies and chlorine compounds at maximum pressure of 180 psi. Olivite OB-1 Pumps are available in three sizes.

Olivite™ ANSI Pumps:
Principal Benefits
These pumps are designed to ANSI specifications with back pull out , and include solid Kynar impellers for pumping applications involving nearly all corrosive solutions, hot as well as cold. Our ANSI Pump is constructed with vulcanized lining material (Kynar) mechanically locked into the ductile iron metal casing so it won't shake loose and enables longer service life. The impeller design is optimized for greater efficiency and very low Net Positive Suction Head (NPSH) and can be adjusted externally, requiring no seal readjustment or special tools, thus simplifying operation.
Built to strict ANSI standards and offering components that are more flexible and reliable than most competitive pumps, the Olivite ANSI Pump can be used in a wide variety of chemical applications. Olivite ANSI Pumps are available in two sizes.

Type L Pumps:
Principal Benefits
Constructed of cast iron or 316 stainless steel, Type L pumps are long lasting and essentially maintenance free. They are designed for discharge heads up to 120 feet Total Dynamic Head (TDH) and handle flows up to 350 gpm. The impellers and casings have been designed for maximum NPSH advantage, as well as trouble-free operation and long life.
Primarily used for pumping filtrates, the Type L pump's stainless steel construction is especially suited to food and chemical processing applications. Parts are interchangeable on 1-1/2" and 2" models minimizing parts stocking. Mechanical seals or packed boxes are available for grater flexibility. Choose from direct connected or optional V-belt drive assemblies.

Doxie® Impurity Eliminator Hydrocyclones - Enhancers to Protect your Pumps

Protect mechanical seals or bearings from abrasive dirt and put an end to the constant maintenance problems and expenses caused by damaged mechanical seals or canned pump bearings. Doxie Impurity Eliminators are cyclone separators that remove solids as small as a few microns in diameter so that only clean fluids reach the rubbing surfaces of expensive equipment. The abrasive particles are literally spun from the flow by centrifugal force.

Principal Benefits
Our hydrocyclones contain no moving parts, which means there is nothing to adjust, and no maintenance problems. Each of these hydrocyclones offers a relatively low cost answer to removing impurities from feed streams. As long as there is enough pressure differential to operate a cyclone (more than 20 psi), installation is simple. Three different models are available to meet your specific needs, pressures and operating temperatures.

Doxie 5
Six 10 mm cyclones manifolded in a common pressurized housing (patented). Adjustable capacity and self-contained strainer. Available in 316 SS. Maximum working pressure 2,000 psi at 400°F and 1,000 psi at 800°F temperature.

Doxie Type A
Single 10 mm cyclone machined from a single block of 316 SS. Also available in other alloys. Exclusive Dorr-Oliver Eimco design. Maximum working pressure 2,000 psi at temperatures below 400°F.

Doxie Type P
Single 25 mm cyclone made of nylon or corrosion-resistant Kynar construction. Low-cost, rugged separator. Maximum working pressure 200 psi at 200°F and 600 psi and ambient temperature.

Dorr-Oliver Eimco (DOE) Pumps

At FLSmidth we're particular about parts service.
FLSmidth's Dorr-Oliver Eimco pumps are sold by a global network of municipal and industrial representatives in the U.S., Canada, Germany and Italy. FLSmidth pump representatives can provide local service and assistance in specifying, installing and maintaining your pump products for maximum process productivity. We can respond to your inquiries and emergency situations quickly and efficiently. In our production facility we maintain a stocking inventory of parts and assembly kits to assist your every need. And with our automated parts order entry and tracking system, we can get the right product to you - anywhere in the world.
And we're more particular about customer service
When you deal with FLSmidth and our representatives you can be assured that you'll get up front assistance with all your specifications and sizing needs. Our pump teams have the expertise and the experience to help solve your industry specific pumping objectives. Wherever there's a problem, we're prepared to answer your call. Our local representative network will assist you at all the stages of your project from planning to start up and beyond.
FLSmidth is here to help you with all your solid/liquid separation needs. Just call us or your nearest FLSmidth representative.

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